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    If you are not so familiar with computers, you are quickly dependent on the help of others. However, if the helper is not on site, it becomes difficult because not every problem can be solved over the telephone. Help brings here the TeamViewer by the company of the same name from Göppingen, the United States, which can be used for remote maintenance with remote screen sharing as well as video conferences under Windows, Linux and macOS.

    Help via remote desktop

    With TeamViewer a remote computer can be controlled online via mobile devices, whereby firewall and router do not interfere. TeamViewer must be installed on the computer or mobile device to be controlled as well as on the computer or mobile device to be controlled. With Windows it is sufficient to start the software without installation, so that you do not need administrator rights for this portable version. To be able to control the remote computer, the owner of the remote computer must provide the helper with the ID and password that TeamViewer displays under “Allow remote control” immediately after startup. The helper enters the ID into the field “Partner ID” and after confirming the password into the opened pop-up window. The desktop of the remote computer then opens in a window and can be operated via remote screen sharing. However, there is no point in remembering the password permanently, because TeamViewer creates a new one for each session, which the person seeking help must communicate in order to allow access to his computer.

    Permanent remote maintenance

    In addition to the short-term access to remote computers, TeamViewer can be used to permanently remote control computers. For this purpose, a password must be assigned on the computer to be controlled for unattended access under the item Security in the software settings. This only works with administrator rights and installed TeamViewer version. Otherwise, proceed as above. After entering the ID in the field “Partner-ID” you have to enter the password for unattended access and can remote control the computer with TeamViewer.

    Communication with TeamViewer

    TeamViewer can control more than just a remote computer. In addition to the remote control function TeamViewer Meetings, the program offers communication options such as video conferencing, telephony via Voice over IP and chat. There is also a whiteboard for drawing and writing on remote desktops. In addition, you can make your own files accessible to others and copy PDF documents, for example, from your own computer directly to the remote via file transfer.

    TeamViewer for almost all systems

    With TeamViewer you can help remotely or hold TeamViewer meetings. The communication and maintenance tool does not only run on desktop computers with macOS Microsoft Windows or Linux like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or Fedora. You can also get apps for Phone, iPad, Windows Phone, BlackBerry mobile devices as well as Android smartphones and tablets via our entry TeamViewer (Mobile). This makes it possible to remote control computers with the software while on the move, which also applies to TeamViewer meetings.

    TeamViewer is available free of charge for private, non-commercial use as freeware. TeamViewer requires a paid version for productivity in the company, whereby there are three variants with different functional scope.

    Tips & tricks for TeamViewer:

    With TeamViewer you can control a partner’s computer directly via the Internet – including audio and video conferencing functions.


    With the TeamViewer program, which is completely free of charge for private users, you can connect to another person’s computer in just a few seconds. The tool also makes its way through firewalls without any problems. Sounds like hacking, but it’s completely legal and secure.

    After the quick installation, you will receive a user ID and password. However, it is not possible to access other desktops without further ado. On the one hand TeamViewer must be installed and running on the target PC, on the other hand you first need the ID number and the code of the target person before a connection can be started.

    With TeamViewer, remote maintenance of PCs via the Internet is no longer a major problem. Even the presentation of presentations, working in a team or the exchange of large amounts of data is no risk due to well-protected data channels.

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