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    Using the Telnet and SSH client. PuTTY – for Windows and as source code for Linux and macOS – you can communicate with remote computers and systems in the network via SSH. Encrypted or unencrypted protocols can be used. The usual field of application is the administration of remote Linux computers from Windows PCs. Because Windows has no software pre-installed to establish encrypted SSH connections.

    Connecting computers

    PuTTY was developed by Simon Tatham and can build compounds of various kinds. These include Secure Shell (SSH), Telnet, remote login and the simple serial interface. PuTTY functions under Windows as a client that creates an Xterm terminal window. This can be used to execute commands on the remote computer, which can be a Unix or Linux server. For each connection, individual settings can be made and saved. The latter is recommended because the software gets saved settings for a new session, which makes it easier to work with multiple different and frequently used connections.

    Safely through the tunnel

    To establish a Secure Shell connection via SSH tunnel, you need a key pair – a public key on the remote system and a private key on the client machine. This provides the client software with secure access to the remote system. The private key on the client computer – in the form of a key file – is virtually nothing other than a password. Accordingly, the key file should not be passed on – after all, every owner of the file has access to the remote system. To generate this key, you can use the PuTTYgen tool included in the program.

    Scope of Functions of the SSH Program

    In addition to the SSH client itself, PuTTY also comes with additional command line tools in the “App” folder – Plink, PSFTP and PSCP. With the help of Plink, PuTTY can be controlled via the shell. Shell scripts can also be used. The SCP client PSCP can also be used to transfer encrypted data – PSFTP, on the other hand, is an SFTP client and thus an encrypted FTP alternative.

    Different program versions

    By default, the PuTTY software is only available for Windows systems. For Unix systems such as Linux and Mac OS X, the tool can be compiled as an X11 app itself. For Mac users, XQuartz is also required. Those who want PuTTY under Windows without installation can download the software as portable version PuTTY Portable, which can also be used as SSH and Telnet client.

    Access desktop or server

    In order to establish remote connections to their computers, you can also use other software depending on the purpose. Teamviewer and Chrome Remote Desktop can be used to remotely control desktops on other computers.

    In the case of remote access from a Windows PC to a Linux server, it may also be better to run a Linux distribution in a virtual machine such as VirtualBox or VMware Workstation Player to access the server. Whether you use Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, openSuse or any other Linux distribution as a guest system depends on the project and your preferences.

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