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    With the Nvidia Inspector gamers and other graphics enthusiasts can get the most out of their graphics cards under Windows – primarily the popular Nvidia Geforce GPUs. The German hobby developer Orbmu2k combines the functions of the meanwhile discontinued Nhancer and the hardware analysis tool GPU-Z in the software. The tool is based on the driver API “NVAPI”, is therefore independent of graphics card driver versions, and can read out various values from the graphics cards – and manipulate them vice versa.

    Put Nvidia cards to the acid test

    In order to read out the many different data and values that revolve around the graphics card, it only needs the correct analysis tool. The Nvidia Inspector is just such a person. The software takes a very close look at the Nvidia GPU built into the computer, and can display a wide variety of data in the clear user interface – if you have several maps built in, you can select which you want to have displayed via a drop-down menu. From reasonably “down-to-earth” data like the name, the Nvidia driver version, or the current temperature of the graphics card – up to less “catchy” values like clock frequency, GPU voltage, number of shaders or load. In between you will also find more practical information such as the BIOS version, memory type and size, or the fan speed.

    Overclock Geforce GPUs and memory, regulate fan speed

    The fan speed can be manipulated – among other things – with the help of the Nvidia Inspector. The graphics card is too hot? With a simple slider you can increase the speed of the graphics card fan. Another key function of the program is the help when overclocking the graphics card, the memory, or the shaders. The voltage can also be manipulated. The “Overclocking” dialog in the program window can be expanded for this purpose. There are four sliders – one each for GPU, memory and shader clocking, and one for voltage. Buttons can also be used to increase or decrease the values in units, tens and twenties.

    Settings Profiles, Advanced Features, and Antialiasing Modes

    These were only a few of the many options of the Nvidia Inspector. The user interface can be organized so that only the desired options are visible. Optionally, you can also go deeper into the graphics options, and influence edge smoothing, anisotropic filtering, optimizations, antialiasing, and more. All defined settings can be saved as profiles – for example, you can assign each game its own set of graphics card settings, or “shoot” the GPU for the use of multiple monitors. For multi-monitor use, it is also possible to activate an energy-saving mode, which is not possible by default with newer Nvidia cards. These profiles can also be exported in NIP format so that they can be taken along for use on other computers, for example. Furthermore, the Nvidia Inspector allows the use of the “unofficial” antialiasing modes “SGSSAA”, “OGSSAA”, as well as the popular “xS modes”.

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