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    Ubuntu is very popular among Linux users, but not everyone is satisfied with the desktop environment. For these users there is the equally popular alternative Linux Mintwhich offers as desktop environment the desktops Cinnamon, Mate or Xfce in the respective Linux Mint editions. In addition, Release 19 enjoys long-term support until 2023 and receives security updates during this time.

    Stability and good handling with Linux Mint

    Linux Mint is based on the Ubuntu version with long-term support or in the LMDE variant, the Linux Mint Debian Edition, on the stable code base of Debian. Thus the system has a good basis, which the developers of Linux Mint have adapted by coordinated components in such a way that the operating system runs stable and fast.

    The available desktops MATE and Cinnamon, both go back to the desktop Gnome. They were created when the Gnome 3 desktop came out, which did not meet the expectations of the Linux Mint developers. MATE is a Gnome 2 fork for older machines, while Cinnamon provides features of Gnome 3, but not its interface. Cinnamon can therefore also be used for animations, effects and various positions for menus and window bars. You can also install extensions and themes.

    MATE and Cinnamon are complemented by the desktop Xfce, which is suitable for weak computers and therefore uses the system resources of the computer sparingly.

    The KDE desktop is no longer available for Linux Mint from version 19, but is still available with version 18.3, which is supported with security updates until 2021. KDE requires more computing power and memory and, like Cinnamon, offers a modern interface. If you want to use KDE with a current Linux distribution, you can use Kubuntu or openSUSE, whereby the latter is only available as a 64-bit version.

    Important software is integrated

    The software equipment of Linux Mint corresponds to that of other Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Debian, since Linux Mint uses the same package sources. There are only deviations with the own developments of Linux Mint like MATE, Cinnamon and the system menu. Immediately after the installation the office program LibreOffice, the web browser Firefox and the e-mail software Thunderbird are available. Missing software can be installed via Menu > System Administration > Application Administration.

    LinuxMintUsers as German Community

    Support in German is available for Linux Mint at LinuxMintUsers, where users can get help via the Wiki and Forum. Topics include installation, antivirus and security, system management and the various desktops and games. LinuxMintUsers also offers the distributions in German, so those who do not speak English will have a German language interface in front of them immediately after installation and will not need to install any language packages. In addition, user manuals can be downloaded in German.

    Linux Mint Download

    If you want to use Linux Mint, you can choose between different ISO files. The distribution is available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems and in variants based on Ubuntu or Debian. You can also choose between desktops, MATE, Cinnamon and Xfce. Some ISO files we offer virus checked in our download area. If the desired variant is not included, it is available on the Linux Mint website or at LinuxMintUsers.de.

    Installation and Configuration

    The installation of Linux Mint is almost identical and uncomplicated to that of Ubuntu. Accordingly, the same tips for hard disk partitioning from the blog Ubuntu apply to beginners: download and installation. The user created during the installation can administer Linux Mint as administrator, create additional users with standard rights and install software.

    Once the installation of the desired version has been successfully completed and the computer has been restarted, a few settings are still available. The update under Menu > System Administration > Update Management in the Update Manager is particularly important here. It depends on whether Linux Mint is used in a place with unlimited Internet access or mobile with a mobile connection and limited data volume. On a stationary computer, automatic updates are recommended, so you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. If you are using a mobile computer, you should allow the most necessary updates and carry out an extensive update manually if you have a good Internet connection – but don’t forget! In addition, a new Linux kernel can be selected in the Update Manager, but this is only necessary if the computer hardware used is poorly supported by the installed Linux kernel.

    Those who have been using Linux Mint for some time will remember the downloadable ISO images that had multimedia codecs such as MP3, DivX and H264 pre-installed. There was no need for a subsequent installation, which was especially interesting when used as live Linux. These ISO files no longer exist as of version 18. The necessary codes must therefore be installed. This can be done easily after the installation in the welcome window by clicking on multimedia codecs.

    Due to the security vulnerabilities that repeatedly occur in Adobe Flash Player, it is a good idea to uninstall it. This can be done under “Menu > System administration > Application administration” with the search for “Adobe-flashplugin”. A double click on the corresponding find and then a click on “Remove” uninstalls the plug-in.

    Under “Menu > Settings > Keyboard”, you can select a key as a composite key, which can be used to enter special characters more easily when writing. If the Caps Lock key is selected as the Compose key, the combination (Caps Lock key) (o) (a) generates the character “å”. Thus the Caps Lock key also has a “meaningful” function, which is of course a matter of opinion.


    Help is also provided by the Linux Mint user manual, which is available in various languages as a PDF file. There is also an installation guide as a website, with information on device drivers and multimedia codecs. Both documents can be found via the download button.

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