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    The LicenseCrawler by developer Martin Klinzmann can read and list the registry keys, serial numbers and license keys of all programs installed on the system. This is helpful if you want to migrate or reinstall a complete Windows operating system. In addition to Windows 10, the LicenseCrawler also supports Windows 7 and older systems such as Windows XP or even Windows 95.

    In this case, of course, you need the corresponding license keys or serial numbers of the programs that are normally found in manuals or on product packaging, if these still exist at all. The LicenseCrawler software helps users with this task. The freeware scans the Windows registry key database and can read the license keys. The software then lists the license keys and serial numbers of all installed and registered programs in a sortable list.

    Read out serial numbers and license data

    Once the LicenseCrawler has searched the system for the corresponding data, it lists all serial numbers and license/registry keys found. Sortable and in text form so you can browse, copy and paste the results. In addition to the actual key, the software displays further data on the individual entries – including the registry path, the product ID, the product name and the type of software. Extensive statistics on the programs and files scanned and found on the computer can also be displayed.

    Encrypted data export

    The program can export the data read by the LicenseCrawler as a text file so that it can be saved on a USB stick. If you are concerned about security, you can also encrypt the file during export. This can be done using character codes such as ASCII and HEX. Since the LicenseCrawler is basically designed as portable software and runs on the system without installation, the software can be started from removable media such as a USB stick. A drop-down menu in the program itself can be used to select which computer or which upper directory of the Windows registry is to be scanned.

    Additional Functions – Additional Editions

    You can use various filter options to refine your search in the LicenseCrawler. You can also switch on black and white lists. Since these have to be filled manually with the corresponding data, this is best reserved for users who are familiar with the subject matter. The software supports multiple languages through language packages available separately from the manufacturer. By default, the software for private use is free of charge since financed by advertising. If you purchase a paid license instead, LicenseCrawler is ad-free and comes with pre-filled white and black lists that make it easy to sort scan results.

    Windows version for enterprises

    Commercial Company- and Engineer-Edition are also available for purchase. The former can be controlled via the command line and offers, among other things, batch processing for several computers in a network. The Company Edition is priced according to the number of computers on which it is to be used. The Engineer version of LicenseCrawler has the same functionality but is designed for IT professionals and can be used on an unlimited number of devices.

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