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    Firefox Portable is the portable software version of Mozilla Firefox, one of the most popular and widely used browsers for surfing the Internet. The HTML5-enabled Internet freeware is available for Windows, macOS and Linux and offers various comfort and operating functions. Thus Firefox is an alternative to Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge under Windows and can even be used under Linux if Wine is installed as runtime environment. However, this is usually unnecessary, since Firefox is pre-installed as an Internet browser on many Linux distributions.

    Can be started from a USB stick

    Compared to Mozilla Firefox, Firefox Portable does not require administrator rights and can therefore be used on computers that you are not allowed to administer yourself and on which you cannot install any software. The portable software does not require any installation and can be installed on removable media such as USB sticks, i.e. unpacked and provided with add-ons so that it can be used immediately. As with the installation variant, you have pop-up blockers, PDF viewers, tabbed browsing and bookmark management available and can use Google’s search engine.

    Is Firefox the right browser?

    Firefox and thus Firefox Portable is an alternative to Google Chrome and the Google rendering engine it contains, which is necessary for displaying the web pages. This is also used by other browsers such as Opera, Microsoft Edge and Chromium, while Firefox uses its own rendering engine, which is also used by the Tor browser, which attaches importance to anonymity.

    â–º Comparison: Which browser is right for me?

    Features of Firefox Portable

    Although Firefox Portable does not require any installation, there is virtually no function you can do without. Among other things, the portable freeware offers an integrated password manager, which secures the stored access data with a master password. For even more security, the “private window” ensures that no traces such as searches, download logs and cookies are stored when surfing the Internet. A mixed content blocker also prevents unencrypted content from being loaded later, making “man in the middle” attacks more difficult. Browsers from other providers such as Google offer similar security precautions. If you want to be even more anonymous and secure on the web, we recommend the Tor browser, which is based on Mozilla Firefox.

    Modern browser with web developer tools

    For developers, Firefox Portable comes with tools for analysis, including web page tags and error reports. When it comes to protocols and programming languages, the browser can handle HTML5, CSS and JavaScript as well as Google’s SPDY protocols. With the help of a “3D Page Instructor”, web pages can also be examined in three-dimensional, virtual space. A WYSIWYG editor also allows real-time editing of style sheets. With HTML5, the security-critical Flash Player is no longer required and should be disabled under “Tools > Add-ons > Plugins”.

    Select search engines

    When it comes to comfort, Firefox Portable offers a versatile search. Not only does she bring along the well-known search engines like Google and Bing, but also DuckDuckGo and Ecosia. In addition, you can search directly for shopping offers from Amazon or Ebay or ask the knowledge database Wikipedia and the online dictionary LEO for information and translations. In addition, there is a wide selection of audio and video codecs as well as lots of social media and sharing features. This allows content found on the net to be shared via Facebook and Twitter.

    Extensions for Firefox Portable

    The greatest feature of Mozilla Firefox portable software is the ability to use the browser without installation. Since you start the software without installation, several integration points are missing, which Firefox normally uses to integrate into the system. Since all standard features are in the browser, the missing system integration has no effect on the functions. But what needs a little detour is the use of extensions like add-ons and plug-ins. There are a lot of these to extend the functionality of the browser. We have searched for some of the most useful and practical topics in a suitable theme special.

    â–ºThemenspecial: Extending Firefox with Add-ons

    Besides script blockers, tools for video downloads and spell checking, Firefox Portable offers so-called “personas”. With the help of these add-ons the appearance of the browser can be adapted to your own taste and thus influence the “Look & Feel” of surfing the Internet. Since many of these extensions have to access the system beyond the browser, Firefox Portable has a corresponding launcher feature on board. With its help you can download add-ons and plug-ins with the portable version of the Mozilla browser and use them with the launcher system shortcuts.

    The conversion to the WebExtensions API in Mozilla Firefox with version 57 also affects the portable edition of Firefox. Because also here extensions which were developed for the old Firefox versions and not for the current Firefox version do not work any more. By now, add-ons such as NoScript, HTTPSEverywhere and uBlock Origin that are important for data protection should be programmed for the WebExtensions API.

    Firefox for Windows and Mobile

    Firefox Portable is intended for surfing the Internet under Windows. The portable edition can also be used under Linux, if you use the runtime environment Wine. In addition, Firefox Mobile is an app for Android mobile devices that allows users to surf the Internet with their smartphone and tablet and is an alternative to Google’s Google Chrome browser.

    Tips & tricks for Firefox:

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