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    EaseUS Partition Master Free hot download

    If you use your computer not only for surfing, but also for managing documents, photos, music and videos, you will eventually have to change the partitions on your computer or external hard drive or copy the data for a backup. A partition program such as EaseUS Partition Master Free for the Microsoft Windows system.

    Manage partitions

    The main task of a partition program is to work with the partitions on the hard disk or the SSD. Because hard disks are divided into several non-overlapping areas called partitions. These are also provided with a file system such as Fat32 or NTFS, which is similar to a table of contents for the stored files, but offers many more functions.

    The internal hard disk or SSD of the computer has one partition for the Windows system and another for your own data such as photos, videos and music files. Depending on the manufacturer and technology, there is also a partition for EFI and/or hidden data. And those who use Linux will also find partitions for the Linux system, the Linux home directory and the SWAP partition into which Linux temporarily copies data from the main memory.

    Internal and external hard disks

    A new newly purchased internal hard drive or SSD is usually completely empty and partition-free. The Windows installation creates the necessary partitions, which can later be resized, deleted and recreated with EaseUS Partition Master Free. An external hard disk, on the other hand, is already formatted and often contains a single partition with the file system Fat32 or NTFS.

    Creating and Changing Partitions

    EaseUS Partition Master Free can be used to change the partitioning on the data carrier specified by the installation or the manufacturer. The existing partitions can be reduced in size, deleted, merged and enlarged if there is still enough unused, partition-free hard disk space next to the partition to be enlarged. Be careful when extinguishing! Although EaseUS Partition Master can recover deleted and lost partitions, this also has its limitations. If you create other partitions, format them and copy files before attempting to restore them, the chances are slim and data will be lost.

    Cloning and copying the hard disk

    For data backup, it is a good idea to always have a second hard disk for the backup. Because if one SSD or magnetic hard disk breaks down, you still have the second one as a backup. In this context, EaseUS Partition Master Free can copy the data of the selected partition to another partition. A disk upgrade is also possible. You clone the hard disk to a larger one. As the larger hard disk still offers unused space, the existing partitions can be enlarged or further partitions can be created and formatted.

    Free and Professional Editions

    EaseUS Partition Master Free is available free of charge for Microsoft Windows systems. The freeware supports FAT32 and NTFS as well as the usual Linux file formats EXT2, EXT3 and ReFS. When handling the SSD, EaseUS Partition Master Free takes the 4K alignment into account.

    The Free Edition offers basic functions for working with SSD and hard disk. If you need a larger range of functions and want to transfer operating systems to another SSD or HDD, for example, you must purchase the Professional or Server editions, which are subject to a fee.

    Tips & Tricks for EaseUS Partition Manager Free:

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