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    Video editing can be a challenge especially in the area of faces. Meanwhile, the technique is so good that even deceased actors can be brought to life. Prerequisite is a software like fake appwho’s doing a facial swap.

    Deepfake FakeApp

    In the Reddit community, a fan community has formed around the developer with the pseudonym “deepfakes”, which exchanges faces in videos. The software of the FakeApp, which uses machine learning algorithms for face swaps and the machine learning tool TensorFlow from Google.

    Face retouching in film

    Retouching films is nothing new in the digital age. As early as 1993, faces were subsequently replaced by others in Steven Spielberg’s film “Jurassic Park”: back then, a stunt double accidentally looked into the camera, the face was replaced by another in post-production.

    But a short sequence is different from a whole film. Here the hurdles are much higher, which Solutions Lane online in the article on the Deepfakes makes clear. In principle, however, faces in videos can be replaced by those of living or deceased persons. Accordingly, it has already been discussed whether the deceased actress Carrie Fisher will continue to be seen in Star Wars as Leia with the help of face swaps.

    Requirements for the FakeApp

    The FakeApp is available for download and requires Java. However, this does not have to be pre-installed, since the FakeApp ZIP file contains the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 9.0.1 for Windows. By starting the file fakeapp.bat the contained JAR file is executed with Java.

    In addition to Java, FFmpeg, CUDA 8 and an Nvidia graphics card are required. An English manual for the setup and use of the FakeApp is available from the manufacturer.

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