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    Those who work with Microsoft Windows and switch to a new version usually have to get used to a new desktop interface with a new taskbar and a new start menu for operation. However, the new design with a new operating concept is not everyone’s cup of tea and it was precisely the non-existent start button of Windows 8 that caused great displeasure among Windows users at the design of the Windows developers.

    Classic Shell helps in such cases and retrieves original functions and original operating concepts. The software is open source since version 4.3.1 and refers to a “shell” with the English term “shell”. A shell like from a shell or the design and operation of Microsoft Windows.

    Restore Windows Start Button

    Classic Shell is the umbrella name for the collection of the tools “Classic Start Menu”, “Classic Explorer” and “Classic IE”. The first forms the basis of the software collection, the other two can be supplemented. The open source software brings to the desktop of a current Microsoft Windows such as Windows 10 elements and functions known from Windows 95 to 7. The classic start button in the desktop taskbar can thus be restored, which users painfully missed, especially when switching to Windows 8. Classic Shell offers various settings for this, among other things to customize the look to your personal needs. You can choose between “Classic” (Windows 95 and 98), “Two Columns” (Windows 2000) and the self-explanatory Windows 7.

    Extending Classic Shell with Skins

    If Classic Shell is installed, the start button, start menu and taskbar are available as usual and can be adapted to your own taste. For the design there are different skins to choose from, which among other things can create the “Aero-Look” for the start menu. If the existing skins are not enough for you, you can download further skins from the Internet, which are also offered by third parties. Alternatively, you can create your own skins and make them available to other users.

    Sort buttons and menus

    If you want to rearrange the buttons and submenus of Classic Shell, you can do this easily by drag&drop. So you can determine exactly where the “Favorites”, the “Control Panel” as well as the last used documents and Windows apps should be found. Since Classic Shell comes with its own alternative start menu, you can also use this instead of the original one. In this case the original menu can be reached by Shift-clicking on the Start button.

    Supports 35 languages

    What is practical is that the open source software has now been translated into over 35 different languages by diligent translators. On the manufacturer’s site you will find the Classic Shell Installer as well as the language packages for German, Arabic and Hebrew for download.

    Installation options

    When installing the open source software for Micrososft Windows, you have the choice of installing the additional tools “Classic Explorer” and “Classic IE” in addition to the basic version. Among other things, you can add a customizable toolbar and info line to the Microsoft Windows Explorer. If you use a current version of Windows, Microsoft Windows Explorer gets a more classic design.

    The tool “Classic IE” adapts the outdated browser Internet Explorer from Microsoft. With the help of this plug-in you can extend the title bar of your Internet browser and the status bar. This then provides information on the current security area and the current page loading progress.

    Open-Shell is the successor of Classic Shell

    Classic Shell is not being developed any further. But there is a successor named open shell. The open source software is based on Classic Shell and thus offers similar functions.

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