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    If you are not satisfied with the sequence or naming of the channel list on your own TV tuner, you can change it directly on the TV set, which is often cumbersome. It’s easier to export the channel lists to a USB stick and copy them to your computer to use a channel editor like the Open Source Freeware ChanSort to edit.

    Export station list via USB stick

    Most modern TV sets and TV tuners such as LG and Samsung offer USB ports for USB sticks and card readers for SD cards. If a corresponding removable medium is connected to the TVs or TV tuners, many brands and models allow the export of the current channel list. Depending on manufacturer and device this happens in manufacturer specific file formats, of which ChanSort supports some, so that the editor can open and edit them.

    Sorting TV channels on the PC

    Once imported into ChanSort, the channel lists can be edited and sorted extensively, so that, for example, the channel with the preferred series is at place “1”. Transmitters can be moved individually or in a block using new job numbers or drag&drop. The old channel list remains in a separate window and allows a comparison with the newly sorted channel list.

    In addition, a prefabricated channel list from another source can be imported into ChanSort and sorted with the channel editor. You can also rename or delete individual stations. The list editor automatically closes any gaps caused by the deletion. Alternatively, the free space will be used later by other stations.

    The freeware not only sorts complete TV channel lists, but also edits the channel list of favorites with preferred channels as well as the parental controls of individual entries. In addition, transmitters can be hidden so that they are skipped during normal zapping and do not allow easy access. Even if the functions of the ChanSort version are extensive, the freeware does not necessarily support all functions of the TV.

    Supported devices and requirements

    On the manufacturer page of ChanSort you can find a list of supported devices from manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba and Hisense as well as their models. The list editor supports Samsung and LG televisions completely or at least with minor restrictions. The same applies to Panasonic’s Viera Smart TV series and many Toshiba devices. ChanSort can also handle the configuration file “channels.conf” of the Linux Video Disc Recorder (VDR).

    ChanSort requires the Microsoft Framework .NET as runtime environment and a storage medium with which the channel list can be transferred from the TV to the computer. Depending on the model, a USB stick or SD card should be available. In addition, the developer points out that some LG televisions require a special remote control to use the export function of the channel lists. More detailed information can be found in the Wiki of the ChanSort version. The Wiki provides supplementary instructions on how to use the software with the respective devices such as LG and Samsung, contact information to the manufacturer and solutions to some problems. If you want to adapt the source code yourself or just look at it, you can download it for free as an alternative to the setup file.

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