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    The cleaning, tuning and cleaning tool CCleaner from Piriform helps to keep the hard disk, Windows registry and the computer free of garbage. The free software in the standard version examines the entire system or parts of it for unnecessary, damaged, duplicate and temporary files. Unwanted data can also be removed immediately with the Cleaner. Piriform CCleaner also analyzes installed Internet browsers and resets cookies and histories on request. This again provides a little more privacy on the net. Thanks to a Mac version, this also applies to systems running under macOS to a limited extent.

    Which version is right for me?

    CCleaner is available in a free version as well as different versions with costs:

    Clean Internet browser, hard disks or registry

    After the CCleaner is started, it spits out an extensive list of programs and services that are detected and analyzed and cleaned by default. The program differentiates between system entries and those of other manufacturers when optimizing. For example, under one of the tabs you will find Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Windows Explorer and the Windows operating system itself. The third-party software tab includes Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Thunderbird, for example, but also Steam, Adobe Reader and VLC media player.

    Order for Chrome, Firefox and Edge

    In the case of web browsers, the CCleaner also takes care of web page histories, downloads, the cache, and cookies. For example, auto-complete fields remain empty for the time being after cleaning. This generally provides more surfing security and anonymity – but at the same time also reduces the convenience of virtual movement through the Internet. If you want to keep the corresponding elements, you can and should remove the corresponding check marks before the cleaning process. As mentioned, the CCleaner can also handle less common candidates of the browser squad. If you use such niche programs as the Maxthon Browser, K-Meleon or Flock, the CCleaner still helps to clean up. If the standard checklist of the program is not enough, you can make it even more extensive with a free add-on – called CCEnhancer.

    After you have checked or unchecked all the boxes and clicked on “Analyze” to examine the system, you can start the actual cleaning process. The CCleaner shows in advance how much storage space can be released by such a system. Here, too, you can view all entries that have been flagged for cleaning. If there are files or other virtual objects that you want to keep, you can also save them from the plaster by removing the check mark. Click on “Start CCleaner” to start the cleaning process, which can take several minutes depending on the amount of data to be removed. After the run, you will be shown again how much storage space has actually been released.

    Clean Windows Registry

    By default, you can switch from the “Cleaner” tab to the “Registry” tab, where you can directly “attach” a cleaning of the Windows registry database. The registry cleaner shows some entries where you can remove the analysis check marks if you wish. By “looking for mistakes,” you can do just that. All items found – such as missing, shared DLLs or unused file extensions – are listed. By clicking on “Fix error” you get the opportunity to set a system restore point by default. The registry is known to be fragile and has a strong impact on system stability. So if something goes wrong here, it can lead to problems. Afterwards you can let the CCleaner fix all discovered errors at once – or you can go through them one after the other. Depending on the number and importance of the registry entries found, cleaning can provide more stability and speed of the Windows system.

    Instructions: Remove Delta Search from Chrome & Firefox

    Optimize system start

    But the CCleaner has even more functions to offer. The rider “Extras” has a lot more up his sleeve. This allows you to uninstall programs or edit the entries in the autostart list from here, for example without having to “detour” to the Windows Software Manager. The latter can be used, for example, to speed up the computer at system startup by deactivating unnecessary programs, services, browser add-ons and extensions and the like. Among the tools are also a tool to detect and remove file duplicates, a disk wiper that completely cleans hard disks, and a system recovery. The latter can and should of course help if something really goes into your pants.

    Portable Version and CCleaner Apps

    The CCleaner app for Android, also from Piriform, is available among the Cleaner apps for use on mobile devices. This app can be used on supported smartphones and tablets. For the USB stick there is the CCleaner Portable, which can be started without installation as a portable version. The CCleaner Portable is also available as a download, which requires administrator rights to clean the registry.

    For private, non-commercial use the CCleaner is available as freeware from Piriform. The software is alternatively available in different extended and chargeable versions. The CCleaner Professional version is also aimed at private users, but comes with extended support and automatic updates. The standard version either searches for the latest version during installation or you have to use the CCleaner interface to search for the latest update yourself. The CCleaner Professional Plus Edition also includes the Piriform programs Defraggler and Recuva. The latter two tools are also available for download separately in their freeware versions. The Business, Technician, Network and Network Professional versions, which are subject to a fee, offer an extended range of functions and are therefore particularly suitable for professional users and commercial use in companies. The Technician Edition includes developer tools, and the network variants can remotely analyze, optimize, and clean up multiple endpoint computers on the network.

    Attention Adware

    The CCleanerFree version may install additional software such as Google Chrome. If you do not want this software, you must make sure during the installation that it can be excluded from the installation via the checkbox.

    Tips & tricks for CCleaner:

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