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    Who would like to read books can receive these either as paper or eBook version. Compared to books made of paper, eBooks are not placed on the bookshelf, but on a storage medium such as a hard disk or USB stick. In order to find them again later, you need software like Calibre. The eBook software from Kovid Goyal not only manages eBooks, but also converts the book files into other formats such as EPUB, FB2 and PDF using the included eBook converter.

    Setting up Calibre

    After the Calibre software has been started for the first time, the preferred language can be selected and then the eBook reader used such as the Kindle from Amazon, the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod touch or a smartphone as well as Tablet with Android can be selected. If there is no device in the list, Generic is the right choice.

    Inserting eBooks into Calibre

    Add books” then allows you to add the eBooks available on the computer to Calibre and have them managed in a library. For each book, an entry is created with title, author, date, size, rating and keywords by which the list can be sorted. A cover and the eBook format for the selected entry appear on the page.

    Go shopping with Calibre eBook

    The open source software helps with the purchase of digital books and lists some eBook shops that are searched by title, author or keyword after clicking on “Buy books”. If a suitable eBook is present, a double-click is sufficient and the purchase side of the dealer is opened in the Browser.

    eBook management with Calibre

    With the free application you can edit metadata and add new ones. Fields for keywords, IDs, date, publication, publisher and languages are available here. The title and author can also be changed. You can also choose your own rating between 0 and 5 stars. Help is available on request from the Internet, because Calibre can download and add metadata from various sources.

    Copy eBooks to Reader

    If you connect an eBook Reader such as the Amazon Kindle or an Android mobile device to your computer, Calibre will usually recognize the device. After confirming the detection message, a “Device” icon will appear showing Calibre the eBooks contained on the reader. If you want to transfer an eBook from the computer to the reader, you only have to drag and drop it from the list to the device icon. Calibre may ask if the eBook should be converted automatically, which is a yes. Conversely, eBooks can also be transferred from Reader to Calibre Headquarters.

    Convert eBook formats with Calibre

    As mentioned before, not all readers can handle every format. In this case, the eBook must be converted to another format, which Calibre does automatically during the transfer. For smartphones and tablets, however, the format depends on the app, so manual conversion is recommended before copying to the mobile device. If you are converting manually, you should create the eBook in the popular EPUB and PDF formats, as well as supplementarily for Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite if these devices are available from Amazon. A click on “Convert books” opens a window in which the new output format can be set. You can also insert additional metadata here. After clicking on “OK” the conversion starts and afterwards the eBook entry shows the new format next to the old one, so that you can choose the optimal one depending on the reader.

    Calibre for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

    The free literature management program is open source and available for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint and openSUSE. Calibre for Windows is available in a 32- and 64-bit version. In addition, the freeware for Windows is available in the version Calibre Portable, which runs without installation from the USB stick.

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