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    Even after the release of Windows 10, Windows computers still need antivirus software to protect against viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other threats. The free AVG AntiVirus Free from AVG Technologies provides basic protection and blocks known malware so that it does not become active on the computer.

    Install AntiVirus Free

    AVG AntiVirus Free is installed using an online installer. This is available for Windows virus tested from us. The installer is only a few megabytes in size and downloads the necessary files over the Internet during installation, so a good broadband connection is recommended. AVG AntiVirus Free will then be up to date. After AVG software installation, the virus scanner automatically updates its signatures to detect current malware threats.

    Alternatively there are the files of the Free Edition as offline variants, which can be installed after the download without Internet connection. They are available for 32- and 64-bit systems and are over 250 megabytes in size. After installation, an update via the Internet is also necessary so that the virus signatures for the scan are up to date and the software can better protect the computer.

    Functions of the Freeware

    AVG AntiVirus Free can be operated through a graphical user interface that provides information on how well the computer is protected. Various functions are available for protection, such as a real-time scanner that scans files for malware. The e-mail scanner checks the electronic mail for dangers and the link scanner should prevent the opening of dangerous websites when surfing. To prevent dangerously classified files from causing damage, they automatically end up in quarantine, where a virus cannot do anything about them for the time being. If you want, you can change this behavior in the settings.

    Settings offer flexibility

    AVG AntiVirus Free settings optimize the protection behavior. For example, in the Free Edition, you can specify that the computer should be checked carefully. This is certainly useful to better protect the computer, but has the consequence that the existing resources of the computer are more heavily used by the antivirus protection. On older computers, this may cause a delay in operation because the processor has more work to do. This is why security and performance have to be weighed against each other.

    More protection is not free of charge

    AVG AntiVirus Free shows all features provided by AVG antivirus software. Some functions of the freeware are deactivated. For example, there is no protection at all in the firewall area if you do not switch to a paid version that unlocks the function. Also spy protection, encryption and download protection are only active in paid protection. You can choose between AVG AntiVirus and AVG Internet Security.

    Protection for Android devices

    Not only the computer, but also the mobile phone is exposed to virus dangers. That’s why AVG wants to protect smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system against hackers and crackers. AVG offers the AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security for Android app for this purpose.

    Self-protection complements basic protection

    AVG AntiVirus Free, as already mentioned, only provides basic protection against virus software. This is why self-protection is important, which is achieved through conscious computer use and thoughtful surfing. This is because e-mails are often a gateway to dangers, which are intended to tempt the recipient to click on the contained link in order to lead him to a phishing page or one with malicious code. Therefore you should always use the original links to the login pages, which can be saved as favorites in the browser. Current browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox with ad blockers such as uBlock Origin and/or script blockers such as NoScript provide better protection against malware than the old Internet Explorer. Because Microsoft has replaced this with Windows 10 by Microsoft Edge. After surfing you should delete the history and cookies. Today, cookies are used by many websites and advertising networks to analyze surfing behavior and to distinguish new users from returning ones.

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