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    autoruns from Microsoft knows numerous places in Windows where autostart programs are hidden that start immediately on system boot. The analysis tool by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell is part of the portable Sysinternals Suite and displays programs, libraries and services that can be deactivated manually after startup. These will then no longer start at Microsoft Windows startup, which among other things speeds up Windows startup.

    Autoruns displays programs sorted by categories

    In order to display the numerous autostart entries clearly, Autorun has tabs with categories such as “Explorer”, “Network Providers”, “Services” and “Drivers”. Autoruns provides a description for each entry, names the manufacturer and the path to the program. If you move the mouse pointer over an entry of Autoruns, a right click opens a context menu. It contains several system functions, so that, for example, the registry editor of Microsoft Windows can be opened in such a way that it presents the correct registry location for the entry. In addition, information can be searched on the Internet and displayed in the browser via Google.

    Autoruns checks programs for viruses

    With the Version 13 includes the VirusTotal virus scanning service, which uses over 50 virus search engines. This helps to detect malicious software that is executed at boot time. If the function “Check VirusTotal.com” is activated under “Options > Scan Options” in Autoruns, Autoruns generates hash values for the files and sends them to VirusTotal, which returns a threat assessment if the file has already been scanned. If the checkbox “Submit Unknown Images” is checked, Autoruns will upload the file to VirusTotal for analysis if VirusTotal does not know the corresponding hash value.

    With Autoruns you can destroy Windows

    When working with autoruns, be careful not to deactivate important programs that are necessary for the Windows system. To reduce the danger, programs signed by Microsoft are taboo. They are necessary for the system and should only be touched if you know what you are doing. With the categories “Logon”, “Internet Explorer”, “Scheduled Tasks” and “Sidebar Gadgets” the risk of breaking something is low.

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