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    If you want to listen to music with Apple devices, you’ll get yourself killed. iTunes and an Apple ID is barely around. Once opened in the store, the media library not only offers content in the form of music, video, TV programmes, podcasts and audio books, but also manages the created media and music collection. As usual with Apple, an Apple ID, as required for the iCloud, is required.

    In addition to the current iTunes version, we continue to offer version 12.6.3 for download, which also includes the App Store. iTunes 12.6.3 can also be installed over existing, newer installations of iTunes.

    Listen to music and watch videos

    In addition to managing, playing, and downloading songs, the iTunes app provides direct access to Apple Music, the company’s music streaming service. The streams for Apple Music are divided into genres including Dance, Latin Pop, R&B, Deutschpop and Chill. This is complemented by Internet radio stations such as Apple Beats 1, Deutschlandfunk and BBC World Service.

    Immediately after installation, iTunes offers ready-made playlists in the menu for music, videos, audio books, podcasts and TV shows, which can be expanded to include your own. At the beginning they are empty, which can be changed by gradually filling them with one’s own media and music collection. The content can be obtained from the Apple Store or by importing audio CDs.

    Synchronization allows the media in your collection to be played not only on an iOS device, but also on other Apple devices. For example, you can listen to music on your sofa in the evening via Apple TV and on the go via Apple Watch if you have Bluetooth headphones that support Apple Watch.

    Shop the iTunes Store

    One idea for Apple’s great success was, in addition to iPod development, the store’s idea of legally acquiring and using music with Apple Music. The iTunes Store offers music, movies, podcasts, audiobooks, and TV shows, including information. An Apple ID is required to receive the paid or free media. You can then see and hear them on your Mac or iOS device. The purchase requires an account with Apple ID and is possible via vouchers. A free trial subscription can also be used for the first three months.

    The chargeable offer is supplemented by freeware content. Especially in the Podcast section you will find free subscriptions to public broadcasting, which can be added to the media library. Deutsche Welle offers videos in English and Zeit Online as well as Spiegel Online provide free audio podcasts.

    No App Store on the desktop

    With version 12.7 there is a fundamental change in iTunes for macOS and Windows. The app store for iOS apps, which was once included, is no longer necessary and there is no need to back up important apps. The installation of iOS apps is only possible via the iTunes app on the iOS device like iPhone and iPad itself.

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